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I am a Hospital Case Manager | AitherasAitheras is the premier fixed-wing air medical transport operator.  Bed-to-bed.  Any location.  Any time.  Any distance.  We provide the expertise, professionalism and focus to move critically ill or injured patients quickly, safely and comfortably.  Trusted by premier hospitals worldwide, Aitheras develops a viable travel plan for successful transitions and optimal outcomes.

Urgent or planned, transfer at the time of critical illness or injury is stressful, and patients and their families will look to hospital professionals for direction in choosing an air ambulance. With Aitheras, you can reassure them that they’re in the best hands. 

  • We can get to your patient quickly. Taking off from one of our three bases in the US and the Caribbean, we can get to most patients very quickly.  Aitheras’ aircraft are FAA certified to fly domestically and worldwide.
  • Seamless transport logistics.  Aitheras Aviation arranges ground transportation from the discharging facility to the local airport. Upon arrival, we handle any unexpected US customs or immigration issues.  We make sure the receiving hospital is ready to accept the patient and provide ground transportation for the patient and family to the new location.
  • Ready for takeoff with as little as two hours’ notice. To minimize potential delays, all our aviation and medical equipment is meticulously maintained and ready on demand. Once we get your call, we quickly implement pre-flight protocols to prepare the aircraft and equipment to meet the patient’s specific needs. 
  • Speed matters.  With our medevac rating our fleet is authorized to fly the most efficient air routes. Our jets can fly at high airspeeds, well above any bad weather.  We can also land at small airports, getting as close to the patient’s destination as possible. 
  • Coverage determinations from the patient’s insurer.  With one phone call, our insurance specialists check the patient’s benefits and advocate to help get the insurance claim pre-authorized. Our specialists are often able to get an approval the family is unable to obtain on their own.
  • Hospital-based medical staff.  Our medical director selects a medical team based on the plan of care.  Medical staff come from the finest hospitals in the country, so that the plan of care is implemented the same as it would be in the hospital. All air ambulance transports include a fully qualified medical team.   We hold our medical crew to a higher standard than the industry requires. Aitheras can provide an on-board safety officer who supports the medical team and the medical equipment, a feature that is above and beyond industry standards.
  • Hospital-grade life support equipment.  All Aitheras planes are equipped with ALS medical equipment for in-flight medical monitoring and treatment. Our in-flight medical team monitors the patient’s condition and confers with treating providers via radio or satellite phone. 
  • Going the extra mile on safety.  Aitheras maintains a superior safety record, surpassing industry standards.
  • Compassionate and respectful care from bed to bed. Care for the physical and emotional wellbeing of patient and family is our top priority. Throughout the process, communication staff and medical crews answer questions, and update family, medical staff and case managers. We do our best to accommodate at least one family member on every flight. 


Patient or Family Member | AitherasIt is likely that you’ve never heard of an air ambulance service- until now. In a time of dire need, choosing the right operator can be overwhelming. In short, Aitheras is trusted by the best hospitals and exceeds operational standards of the industry.  Here’s what to expect when you choose Aitheras:

  • We pick you up wherever you are and take you wherever you need to go. With bases in the US and the Caribbean, we are never too far away. 
  • Ready to go when you need us. Once we get your call, we mobilize our efficient pre-flight protocols to prepare the aircraft and equipment to meet your specific needs quickly. 
  • We get you there fast. We maintain our own fleet of executive jets designed to fly at high airspeeds, above bad weather.  Our planes can land at small airports, getting you as close to your destination as possible. 
  • Insurance predetermination.  With one phone call, our insurance specialists check your benefits and advocate to get your insurance claim pre-authorized.  Our specialists are often able to get better results than policyholders can do on their own.
  • Seamless bed-to-bed transport with no delay. Prior to departure, we arrange for a ground ambulance from the discharging facility to the local airport. Upon arrival, we handle any US customs or immigration matters and make sure the receiving hospital is ready to accept you when you get to their door. Once you deplane, ground transportation will be ready and waiting to take the patient to the destination.
  • Hospital quality medical care.   Every Aitheras flight is staffed with a highly-trained medical crew from the finest hospitals in the country. That means that you receive the same care in flight as you would in the hospital.  Our medical director selects your medical team based on your needs.  Planes are equipped with ALSmedical equipment for in-flight medical monitoring and treatment. For extra measure, Aitheras can provide a safety officer who supports the medical crew and equipment.
  • We maintain a superior safety record. Aitheras maintains the highest accreditations in the air medical transport industry and is one of the few charter operators our size to participate in the FAA’s Safety Management System, the premier safety program in the aviation industry. Our record is accident-free.
  • We treat you with compassion and respect. Throughout the process, we keep you and your medical team on the ground informed, always responsive to your questions and concerns.
  • Family flies free.  Knowing the importance of having family nearby, we aim to accommodate at least one family member on a flight. 

Aitheras gives you peace of mind at a stressful time. Know that when you fly with Aitheras, the entire experience will be handled with professionalism and care.



We work with hospitals, embassies, and consulates around the world to arrange for expeditious air ambulance transport for citizens of one country seeking medical care in another.  Aitheras is called in to help repatriate travelers or foreign nationals who experience injury or illness while abroad.  We help injured or hospitalized individuals seeking refuge from natural disaster, political unrest or other difficult situations.  We also bring individuals from all over the world to world renowned US specialists seeking to obtain medical treatment.  While most patients are coming to the US for care, we can also facilitate air ambulance transport to another country.  

 Our versatile fleet of aircraft is stationed at bases in Ohio, Florida and the Cayman Islands, and carries FAA certifications to fly domestically and worldwide, so we can quickly get to remote or distressed areas of the globe. We maintain and fly our own aircraft, specifically chosen for the ability fly at high speeds above the weather and to land on short airstrips.  We arrange all logistics for the patient to be extracted from the area and admitted to the next level of care with speed and efficiency, while simultaneously implementing a clinically appropriate plan of care on fully-equipped, ALS configured jet aircraft.  Our medical teams are based in highly rated US hospitals, so patients can get the same level of care that they would in a hospital.  Aitheras is a leader in aviation and medical safety, with no accidents or incidents in its history.

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